Monday, June 13, 2011

Pigs, pigs, pigs...

We finished the pig pens and the timing was just about perfect! The baby piglets were born the final week of construction. The pens are a HUGE upgrade from their previous pens, rickety boxes made out of sticks.

Ernesti and Anna are thrilled about the way the pens have turned out. Honestly, one of the coolest parts about the whole project is the business plan that is set-up to improve the orphanage in many ways.

One way is that raising and selling the pigs will help the orphanage financially and will allow for them to support more children through their schooling. They will also have enough money to finally finish the small bathroom they started building in the orphanage but never finished.

Currently it is so unsanitary because they don’t have anywhere to go to the bathroom. The children mostly go outside in holes or who knows where else! With a little extra money they can finally finish a bathroom which will improve the sanitation in the living space.

Another benefit from the pig pens is that it will allow for a better diet for the orphans. Having the pigs will enable them to have more protein in the meals they prepare for the orphans. Most children here in Tanzania are so under-fed and hardly ever have a balanced meal.

So, having the pig business will also help to improve the overall nutrition and health of the children at the orphanage. I wish we could stay in Tanzania long enough to see the cute kiddos get a little more meat on their bones…. Literally. :)

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