Monday, January 2, 2012


With a new year here I can't help but think about how fast time has flown.  In just the last 5 years I feel like my life has transformed immensely. 5 years is NOT a long time. This makes me wonder how much life is going to change in these next 5 years!

The last 5 years:

2007- Graduated from High School, moved to Utah, started school at BYU.
2008- Probably my most fun and crazy year at BYU, AND I met Austin. :)
2009- Spent 6 months in China, began the Media Music program at BYU, married Austin!
2010- Lost my brother, David, in a tragic plane accident.
2011- Spent 4 months in Tanzania with Austin, finished classes at BYU, released my first album as "Milla", got our puppy, Juneau.

If you think that is a lot of changes...

2012- Interning in a recording studio in Salt Lake City, graduating in April, moving twice to completely different states, having a baby, and Austin begins his PH.d program.

To sum things up, life is CRAZY and it's only going to get crazier this coming year. But, Austin and I couldn't be happier and our puppy is doing great! And although we don't get much sleep and she needs a lot of attention and exercise, she is super good prep for the baby. :)


  1. I'm SO SO SO happy for you!!! I love your family so much and am so grateful for your family. Your going to be such a good mommy (and a smokin' one at that!!). I had a "sister" sleepover with all my sisters and SIL's and we listened to your music and sang along. You are very talented!! I love your music!! Congrats on everything you have done in the last few years, can't wait to see whats next (and what your beautiful babe is going to look like!).

  2. Milli, I'm so glad you are good at updating your blog so I can see all the pictures of everything you're little family is up to:) We miss you and I LOVE little Juneau--what a sweet little pup!!! I can't wait til we have enough room for a dog:( Bailers and I were listening to some of your songs in the car and we want to purchase your new CD! haha good luck with this coming year and the internship and pregnancy!! love you milla! (And Austin too:)

  3. So excited for you Milla! This is so fun and great and wonderful! You both are going to make great parents! :D