Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Revealing the Gender!

So, today we had our "gender ultrasound" and were amazed at how big he/she has grown! No wonder I'm so tired all the time. My body's been workin' like crazy to keep up with the little critter. Anyway, we wanted to surprise our family so we had the Boles fam over and the Whitney fam on skype. We brought in a bunch of dark balloons filled with blue/pink streamers to reveal the gender all at once! Everyone was really excited! 

Getting ready to pop the balloons and reveal the gender!

Blue = Boy

Pretty much everyone thought it was a boy from the day I announced our pregnancy, but it was still a fun gesture. :)
Our little guy at 16 weeks

So, we're having a baby BOY and I couldn't be happier!!!! There's nothing I want more than a "mini Austin" running around our home. And if he looks even a smidgen like Austin when Aust was a baby, we'll be dang lucky parents! Can't wait!


  1. so exciting!! congratulations!

  2. Yay Milla!!! This is great! Congrats, and I am sure he will be the cutest kid ever!