Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Curing the "Winter Blues"

 It is so nice to get out of town and spend a few hours hiking around the snowy, breath-taking and practically deserted mountain sides. No cars, no annoying people, no smog... etc. We love the outdoors and would go crazy cooped up in our apartment all winter long. So, thanks to our snowshoes and an empty Saturday, we had an amazing time. Juneau did great! We've only had her for 2 months and we've already taken her winter camping, on a few strenuous hikes, snowshoeing and swimming (well, we didn't swim. Austin just threw her in the river to see if she knew how.She did. haha). She is super athletic and we figure the more we expose her to now the more fun she'll be when we wanna do intense stuff later like weekend backpacking trips and such (after the baby is born of course). :)

Juneau is 3 months old now.
She loves to follow trails using her  hound dog nose

She started to get really cold so we had to turn back after a few miles. (She has snow on her nose in this picture. haha)

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