Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oliver's 4th Birthday

For Oliver's 4th birthday we threw him a little party in our backyard here in Houston. We had a pool party! All the kids and adults swam for the first hour or so and we ate lots of food and drinks. We also had a pizza that was so huge it didn't fit into the front seat of the car. Austin had to drive it home in the back of the car. haha! All the kids were so excited when they saw how huge it was! 

Then we had cake and ice cream and played in the pool some more until it got too hot to be outside anymore! Oliver had been asking for a Shark cake for his birthday since last year's birthday. I can't believe how stubborn this kid is when he sets his mind to something (sound like anyone else you know? Austin? yeah.). haha! So, even though I knew it would probably look horrible, I tried just for him. Because I love this boy with all my heart! And, ya know what? It did look pretty weird. But, Oliver was really really happy about it and that's all that matters!

Auntie Hope helping me make the fondant for the birthday cake

Oliver opening his present from Mom and Dad

His first remote control car! He was really excited!

My awful attempt at a shark cake. Oliver asked for a shark cake for months so I had to at least try!

Oliver playing with his new Cranky the crane from Mimi and Papa

Oliver reading his Magic Treehouse book from Uncle Chris and Aunt Devrey

Oliver loves his new "cell phone" (that's what he calls it) from Grammy and Grampy Boles

Opening a few presents at his party

Calum loved wearing his party hat!

Oliver with his neighbor friend, Kooper, and Parker and Jace Statham

Auntie Hopey and Calum eating birthday cake together

The LeFevres (Skye, Tyler and their two boys) and Stathams (Brittany and Breton and their 3 boys) came and also my friend Sarah Monson and her kids, Isaac and Phoebe

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