Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Week of HOPE!

This summer we flew Hope out to Houston to spend a week with us! It was her first time flying alone and she was a bit nervous but she got here ok and we were ecstatic to see her! We decided to start a new tradition of having a "Week of Hope" or the "Hope-apalooza" or the "Hope Extravaganza" (we couldn't decide on a name, but you get the idea) every summer because it was just SO SO fun! 

Basically we just partied the whole week she was here and the boys cried and begged her not to leave. It was actually really sad. They love her SO much! It was a blast for me too! Having alone time with my baby sis and having her ALL to myself was a special treat! We will never forget the time we had with Hope. 

Hope and Calum playing

We swam constantly while she was here! We even jumped in a few times with clothes on. haha!

Watching "Finding Dory" in the fancy Texas movie theater. She had to sit in between them so they wouldn't fight over her.

Calum fell asleep, which was SO nice for me! I love the snuggles!

We had a fun pool day at a small church run water park called "Noah's Ark". 

Oliver sliding down the ark

Hanging out on the whale

Hope spent a while trying to perfect her dive off the diving boards and Oliver had to join in! 

Eating donuts on the way to the BEACH! 

I made Hope a mermaid tale and you can tell she hated it! haha.

Making sand castles together

My little family! 

On our last night together we took Hope to a really cool restaurant that was a less-cool version of a Rainforest Cafe.  Then we took her to the Houston water wall because it's pretty awesome!

I love my sis!! We will miss her SO SO much!

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