Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of those family holidays where being with family is what makes it so special and so much fun! Being 2,357 miles away from my family and 1,637 miles from Austin's family makes being with family pretty darn difficult. Especially since U of M only gives Thursday and Friday off from school.

So, despite my nervous feelings regarding making an entire turkey dinner by myself we went ahead and had our first Thanksgiving holiday on our own. We feel all grown up now! And, to my surprise, making the perfect turkey was not such an impossible task after all. :) 

Homemade rolls

The beautiful bird. :)

We spent the day (between cooking things) at a state park. We walked around, explored all the lakes and forested trails and did some bird watching. Oliver LOVES being outside.

Oliver's first Thanksgiving!

My hungry husband

My handsome little man

Everything turned out great!

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