Monday, March 4, 2013

Detroit Dog Show

On Saturday we randomly decided to head to Detroit for a day to hang out at the Detroit Dog Show. On our way part of I-94 was closed and the detour led us through a seriously sketchy area in West Detroit... I took a few pictures with my phone as we were driving through the abandoned and run down streets. The economy hit Detroit pretty hard. 5 years ago the city had a population of 1.5 million people and today over half have moved away leaving it's population at around 750,000 people. We passed by huge buildings that are completely empty and abandoned, desolate neighborhoods, streets with every single business empty and displaying a "for lease" sign on it's window. It was depressing. I couldn't believe how much was left isolated and unkempt.  But, as we got into the heart of the city things lit up a bit with people everywhere, unique bridges and brick streets... it was very cool!

Abandoned building... every window is broken except 2 in the center on the very top floor. 

Completely desolate and abandoned streets everywhere we looked.

In the heart of the city


So, we finally made it to the dog show after the crazy detour. As soon as we walked through the doors to the center I knew we made a good choice in going there. Every breed imaginable was represented in different competitions and presentations. It was seriously cool! Every 20 minutes there was some kind of event. We saw sheep herding demonstrations, terrier races, gun dog demonstrations, agility courses, etc. and of course we saw some of the dogs taking their turns being shown and judged in hopes of being "best in breed", then "best in group", and then "best in show". It was a really cool day. Oliver LOVED seeing all the dogs and the dogs were pretty excited about him as well!

Blood hound

This was one of my favorite breeds there. This is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They were originally bred to hunt lions so they are super strong but very sweet, family dogs. If we get another dog someday we'll consider this kind.

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  1. Oh my gosh I've always wanted to go to a dog show!! So fun! Love the pics.