Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lake Huron Trip

Austin became friends with a visiting student named Dawen who was here at U of M to use some of the machinery to process his rock samples. Dawen was about to head home to China without fulfilling his life-long dream of seeing the great lakes of Michigan. haha! Seriously, though. We asked him where he wanted to go out of all the places in America and he said the great lakes. So, despite the terrible weather, we all drove to Lake Huron and spent the day playing on the frozen beach. We built a fire and had a picnic lunch that I packed. It was super fun. I'm glad we braved the storm and decided to go. Dawen was so happy and grateful, too. He was frolicking along the beach and trying to contain his excitement! It was hilarious!

Austin and Dawen

Juneau didn't care about the cold. She was in heaven running along the beaches and eating chunks of ice!

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