Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Break!!!

I feel like this picture sort of sums up the week for our little family. Smiles, silliness, lots of love, and way too much fun! We thought about going to Chicago for a few days but Austin wanted to use part of the week to get some work done on campus (I thought spring break was supposed to be a break... haha. But, he was excited to have an empty lab and an un-used x-ray machine so he could process a ton of his samples.) So, we decided to stick around the area and fill the few days we had with as much fun as possible.     
After a few wild games of laser tagging with some friends
Laser tagging was a blast! We were invited by one of Austin's mission friends and his wife, Josh and Whitney Krogue. They also live here in Ann Arbor and we love doing stuff with them! Unfortunately, they live in the other ward so we don't get to see them as often as we'd like to. There were also a ton of other couples from their ward playing as well and it was fun to meet all of them. 

 Ollie is getting more and more fun everyday. He gabs and chats all day long and laughs easily. It's really fun to tease him and play games with him too. He finally understands humor and knows when we're just messing around with him.

Having fun at home with Daddy!

Anyone who knows Austin and I knows how much we love hiking. There aren't any big mountains or even many hills to climb out here but there are lots of forests to explore. We love getting away from people, cars, noise, etc. and breathing fresh, crisp air. We went exploring twice this week and loved every minute of it. We packed a few lunches, Ollie's snow suit, baby carrier, and our dog Juneau, of course, and then we just walk and walk and walk until we get our fill. :)

We have to squeeze Ollie into his snow suit and his baby carrier. haha. We're hoping to get a nicer carrier soon.
Friday was the most sunny and beautiful day we've had here in months! So, we packed a few lunches, bundled up Oliver and headed to the Detroit Zoo for the day. It was the perfect day for the zoo! All the animals were really active and charismatic and the sun was shining beautifully all day long! We had SO much fun! It was Ollie's 1st time to the zoo (3rd if you count the 2 times while I was pregnant). I absolutely LOVE animals! We bought a year pass so that we can frequent this amazing place. :)

The Grizzly Bear triplets put on a major show for us... wrestling, fighting, playing! haha!

Ollie LOVED the Reptile House! What a boy....

Standing outside the Polar Bear enclosure.

I loved these two crocodiles that were snuggling in the corner together. Austin said that crocodiles don't snuggle. But, I'm positive that they were. :)

Then, to finish off the week strong we met up with our good friends, Dave and Bekah, for dinner at a Somalian Restaurant. Delicious cultural food and REALLY good conversationalists made this a perfect end to a really great week!

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  1. That looks like so much fun!!! Haha the polar bear fence doesn't look very sturdy, that bear could totally eat you! Lol I'm glad you guys got a nice break :) you are such a beautiful family!