Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a bitter-sweet day for us. It started off great. We had a wonderful morning at church where we learned more about Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice and felt the spirit so strongly. I love this church. If you don't know what church I'm referring to click HERE. We went home and quickly took some family Easter pics before everyone started getting tired and changing into comfy clothes. I'm so glad we took those pics. 

Scratching Juneau's face. She loved having her nose and chin scratched!

Our little family!

I'm so grateful that I get to be with these two forever! I love my boys.

Oliver Harold

The Easter bunny brought him a book and a rubber ducky!

What a sweetheart. 

Then I started making a big Easter meal: leg of lamb, roasted golden and red beets, homemade sourdough bread, wild rice, etc. Our good friend, Samantha (Austin's office mate and friend from school), was going to come over and have dinner with us.

While I was cooking Austin decided to take Oliver and Juneau out on a walk. It was a gorgeous day! On the way back from the walk a squirrel ran right in front of them and Juneau took off after it. Juneau is extremely obedient and very well trained. We've never had a problem in the past with her taking off very far or going near roads. But, today she chased that squirrel right into a busy street and was hit by a car. Austin ran home to drop Ollie off and went immediately back to the street where she was laying. She lived for a few minutes all the while having seizures. Austin was frantically calling every animal hospital he could think of trying to see if any were open when she passed away. 

I'm sure you can imagine how the rest of the day went. And, honestly, I don't feel like writing about it right now. All I can say is that I already miss her so much.

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